Linda Hall, VP of an Ellensburg PEO

"Marlene Travis, reflexologist and massage therapist offers a holistic approach to well being in a fun and informative way.  Marlene spoke to Chapter GU and incorporated her fun approach into improving the well being of every person she encounters individually as well as speaking to a group."


A Mother / Grandmother in an audience of 90 shared this

I sat listening to you that night with low back pain and realized I didn't need to just suffer through it. You encouraged us that there are so many effective massage treatments available and we need to take care of ourselves! Your enthusiasm for massage sold me. I sure love your massage style. Massage and love come through those hands of yours.



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Marlene has been privileged to speak in various settings including the Central Washington classroom; an Aging & Long Term Caregiver Workshop, Ellensburg’s Chapter GU of Philanthropic Educational Opportunities, as well as a girls' high school seminar and high school health classes.

HEALTH is the primary focus in these presentations, with each group requesting specific topics.

Using her experience as an educator and health professional, Marlene caters to the requesting organization and prefers an interactive approach with each audience.

Things You May Hear:

  • “We are all on a health journey!”
  • “It’s a process, not a completed perfection.”
  • “Consider your  S.P.I.E.S.”

The SPIES acronym represents five aspects of health toward which we can all continue to grow.

Marlene values education. With a Masters of Education from Boston University, she stays abreast of new information by maintaining her teaching, massage, and reflexology certifications.

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For further information on presentations, please contact Marlene at or (509) 929-3636.