Staff Member
Central Washington University

"The only experience I have had where paying sixty dollars makes you feel like a million bucks."  

Director, Student Transitions & Academic Resources (STAR)
Central Washington University 

Marlene Travis is a sensitive, intuitive, powerful healer.  I leave the massage room, after an hour with Marlene, feeling 20 pounds lighter, ten years younger, and free from worry and all those pockets of stress I've stored up over the course of a few work weeks. Marlene is a true healer who is making the world a better place with every massage she gives. 

County Receptionist

When I get a massage from Marlene I feel like she is able to make my worries and stresses from the day melt away. I feel valued as a customer and it shows that she loves what she does. I am able to tailor the session specific to me, such as having areas that need more attention worked on, and can chat the whole time or have it peacefully quiet, whatever I’m feeling that day. By the time I leave I am totally relaxed and refreshed.

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Marlene is wonderful! She has a gentle and thoughtful practice that was perfect for healing my neck injury. Together we made goals and progress - I wish I still lived in Ellensburg so I could go to my weekly visit. Thank you Marlene - for sharing your healing touch and your warm friendship.

Assistant Director for Student Transitions & Academic Resources (STAR)
Central Washington University 

Self-care begins with self. If self isn't cared for, how can we possibly fully care for others. Massage therapy has been an integral part of healing and mental care for me. Try it, there will be no regrets!

Chemistry Computer Support Specialist
Central Washington University

Your massage work has been the best I have ever experienced.  You have an instinctive knowing of just what to do for my muscles to give me the best relaxation imaginable!  I can't count the times I did not want to get off your massage table.  Your massages are like magic - you make my muscles relax into a jello-like substance!   I carry much tension in my muscles and your massages dissolve that tension so wonderfully!  

Former Puget Sound Navy Shipyard Employee

After explaining to the client that Massage for Body & Feet is unable to accept her insurance at this time, her comment was: "There are two places in town that take my insurance, but I’d rather pay to come to you.  I just like how you massage."

Kittitas County Elected Official

"I get a knot between my shoulders from spending all day working on my computer. Marlene can fix it with just one visit."